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I love Pokemon. I'm currently a massive Clemont fangirl but I miss Cilan and his brothers. Okay And I'm obsessed with Clemont.

I love to draw, play piano, and animate.


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Good, I’m kind of sick but I’ll get better

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Yes. I’m a Clemont fangirl


Pikachu, what are you doing…

Trying to commit suicide (rotting in stomach acids then becoming poop, bad way to die)

Mirror Clemont would make me sad almost

Because Clemont’s so motherly (aww he cooks, cleans, knows everybody well, and is loving and nurturing). That means mirror Clemont may not have his motherly side, he may either be fatherly or be cold hearted and neglectful basically like a worse version of Gurkinn when it comes to kids (Gurkinn, doesn’t care if his granddaughter burns up, gets soaked, or freezes to death). If he will be neglectful and cold hearted, how sad he’d not take care of mirror Bonnie, he wouldn’t feed her, or clean her, or do anything.

Or he will be fatherly rather than motherly.

Yes he would be a horrible cook.

I don’t think Gurkinn took care of her but it’s black and white

After seeing episode 31,

"I want to show this to my grandpa soon". "Grandpa" it made it sound like Gurkinn was her primary caretaker (eww I can’t imagine Gurkinn taking care of little Korrina). There’s evidence something happened to the parents (she’s depressed and is a mess without Lucario, Lucario’s her only happiness, depression just tells us something, not unless if it runs in the family and she is carryiing the gene, and she didn’t say "mom" or "dad"), so we’re limited to her aunt, uncle, or nanny.

There are evidence it is not her grandpa, first off….

We know that she was being spoiled.

Take a look




A big ice cream cone? Sunglasses? Rollershoes? They are spoiling her. Gurkinn doesn’t look like the type to spoil.

And Gurkinn seems irresponsible

Not dressing for the weather?


It looks like he could kill Korrina while training her, not dressing for the weather, she could die of hypothermia (I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended in the hospital a few times due hypothermia or hyperthermia). I don’t think the clothes thing is on purpose. 

She looks healthy, clean, and well kept. If he doesn’t dress for the weather then does he even take care of her? (Then again at some point in his life, he had a wife and kids, he probably had his children for some time or maybe it was just his wife) So comes out black and white.

Then look! A flashback in episode 30 does show something image A parent would be worried if their child was like this, but I see no adult here (at least we’ll see feet or somebody on their knees trying to help) Either the adult was busy or they were neglectful. But what would keep them over this? Only answers are: baby, bathroom, phone call, or another child!

Let’s discuss what I just wrote: the bathroom made since if her caretaker was a man, because if your a man, you can’t take a little six or seven year old girl in the public bathroom with you, but a baby would make lots of since because when the baby cries you get so sucked into taking care of it’s needs rather than focusing on your child at times, that’s why kids sometimes get jealous over their new sibling, phone call makes some sense but Korrina and Riolu would make enough noise to disrupt it, another child makes sense because they could have accidents or get hungry or have to use the bathroom.

So neglect is out because Korrina looks well taken care of so they could just be busy. If she was in a foster home or was adopted, she would have no idea about her family (about her ancestors they probably had to wait until she was a teenager to tell her, at seven she wouldn’t understand, Bonnie doesn’t understand Clemont’s “nerd talk”).

We all know those people spoil her, have a good job (they can afford to buy awesome stuff for Korrina while they pay the bills), and must love her very much and take good care of her, and it must be a relative. (we’ll find out on her gym battle with Ash, because she lives in a house, most likely we’ll see them because she’ll want them at her house)

The Mirror World Episode.


Imagine this:

The episode is close to ending as Ash returns to his world and reunites with actual versions of Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. Ash tells them the story of how they were all different than their usual selves and they all have a hard time believing him, particularly Clemont because…